Boutique vocal services for professional voice users including singers & musicians, touring artists, speakers, teachers, actors and other vocal athletes.

Boutique vocal services for professional voice users including singers & musicians, touring artists, speakers, teachers, actors and other vocal athletes.




Singing Voice Specialist

Vocal Coach & Mentor

With a wealth of teaching experience spanning over 15 years, Tania is a passionate vocal educator. She specialises in working with young adults and adult singers with a particular interest in vocal health education for working musicians and performers. She holds an Advanced Diploma of Music and is one of few authorized vocal instructors of Los Angeles based organisation Vocology In Practice; a global network of elite voice professionals. Tania is also a member of the Australian National Association of Teachers of SingingThe Australian Voice Association and The Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare

She has worked with some of Adelaide's finest singers and performers and her coaching focus is on expanding vocal versatility, range, tone and stamina to enable vocalists to extend their artistry. She currently works with her private clients from her studio Vocal Hub Creative and teaches at the University of Adelaide as a vocal coach for the Bachelor of Musical Theatre degree. She also coaches for well known Adelaide youth theatre company, Pelican Productions. Previous coaching experience includes various musical institutions, high schools and primary schools as well as teaching vocals for contemporary music students at TAFE SA .Tania is also the co-founder of the South Australian Vocal Eisteddfod, set for launch in 2020.

Tania has a particular interest in vocal health and voice science and holds an Certificate of Figure Proficiency from Estill Voice Training and is currently studying to gain her EVT Certified Master Trainer qualification. She greatly values the Estill Voice Training model which compliments her singing coaching and also assists her clients in maintaining vocal health. One of Tania's strengths lies in recognising vocal health issues and devising suitable action plans for her clients to work towards remediation via her health professional contacts within the industry. Tania is also currently studying a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at the University of South Australia.

Tania is also passionate about creating growth opportunities for her clients and through this passion she created and founded the Masterclass Series - a series of workshops that brings music industry professionals to Adelaide. Through this, Tania's singers have had the opportunity to learn from the likes of Wes Carr, Natalie Weiss, Denosh Bennet, Naomi Price and Susie Ahern. She is also the founder of Vocal Hub Creative, Adelaide's co-working space for vocalists and musicians creatives where her studio is located.

Tania's music industry experience is vast. She currently performs in her award winning Andrews Sisters Tribute Act, The Three Little Sisters  ( 2019 Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award, Best Music) whilst also freelancing as a live and session singer. Her past live performance experience included the formation and management of multi award winning wedding vocal ensemble L'amour (2017 ABIA Top 5 Ceremony Music in Australia) as well as various freelance performance opportunities for countless corporate and private functions in multiple live music formats including acoustic duos, bands, cabaret and musical theatre shows. 



Hi, thanks for stopping by my site!

I am a self-confessed vocal nerd and my aim is quite simple - vocal freedom.


I equip singers, musicians and artists with the tools needed for optimum vocal function enabling aspiring and professional voice users to extend their artistry and maintain vocal health


As a professional singer wanting to further my skills, I found myself more confused than when I had started. The frustrations and limitations I had with my own singing forced me to seek out more information. I wanted to know HOW and WHY my voice was doing what it was doing. I wanted to have the ability to control it when performing. I wanted to improve my range, change my tone and be more versatile when singing different styles and I wanted to do all of this without the feeling of vocal fatigue. 


Through many years of experience and current studies with the Estill Voice Model and as a Authorised Instructor of Vocology In Practice, my approach with my own vocal technique and coaching is based on the ever evolving field of voice science. As a firm believer in a holistic based approach to working with clients, I am proud to further my skills and look forward to moving into voice therapy for performers on completion of my current study plan - a Bachelor Of Speech Pathology through 

the University of South Australia. In addition to this, I hold an Advanced Diploma of Music.


As the founder of Vocal Hub Creative and as a coach at the Elder Conservatorium of Music (Music Theatre), there is nothing more exciting to me than supporting singers and artists through their vocal and musical journey. If you would love to see what your voice can do, then feel free to book your vocal assessment.



What they say.....

Wes Carr

" Tania is an incredible supporter of music and art.
You really have to admire someone who is willing to dedicate their life into helping others find their voice and Tania does this with such grace. Her studio in Adelaide has helped so many artists find their true voice, providing an open platform for every singer and musician who is eager to create. "

Sasha Simic

"I thought at 24 I was too late to start my career in music theatre. Tania proved me wrong beyond a doubt.


From the very first interaction I had with her, I immediately recognise her as someone who works hard not just for herself but for others as well. She's helped me develop fundamental skills that have helped me throughout my Bachelor of Music Theatre, which have travelled through to improving my other vocal skills in terms of pop and rock as well.


Being able to work with someone who understands you on a personal level really brings out the best atmosphere in a room and I wouldn't want to work with anyone else. "

Kelly Brouhaha

" Tania is an absolute godsend for voice users. She's consulted on most of my clients and has dramatically improved their vocal health and performance, which is an absolute necessity for any musician trying to make it in the industry.

I've also worked with her one on one for my own vocals and would gladly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their vocal performance. Her knowledge of vocal anatomy and technique is second to none and she is incredibly easy to work with. "

Christian Andrew

" Thanks to Tania, I learnt about the  physiology and mechanics of the singing and now have a broad range of vocal qualities I can utilise within my music. "

Rachael Leahcar

" I’ve been to countless singing teachers and Tania is one of the best in the business. My voice is my life and I’d gladly entrust it with Tania. She has the knowledge, experience and explains things in a fun, easy way. After just one session, an issue I had for years was improving. I highly recommend Tania to anyone who wants to reach their highest potential in singing and vocal health."

Betty Samis

" I've been working professionally as a singer for a while, and like many of us in the industry, sometimes we need coaching when we struggle with vocal problems. Tania was recommended to me through a friend and I felt so comfortable the moment I called to discuss my vocal concerns.


What I liked about Tania was her knowledge, support and passion she has for the voice. She listened to my concerns and with her guidance has put me back on track vocally. I need a teacher who has studied the voice and knows the mechanics behind it, because everybody is at a different skill level vocally. I particularly like that she can teach beginners through to advanced, and continues to update her knowledge through extra study which she passes onto her students.


I keep up with my lessons to make sure I don't fall back to old singing habits, learning and adopting new ways to keep my voice healthy. Most of all, her lessons are enjoyable, and that's what singing is all about."

Claudia Migliaccio

" Tania is an exceptional teacher, mentor and now friend. 

She has helped me improve my vocal quality and strength and I could not be more thankful. She has given me tips, exercises and advice I will use going forward. "

Deborah Brennan

" Vocal tuition with Tania has completely changed the way I approach singing.


She doesn't just teach students about pitch and singing in tune. She conveys an enormous understanding of vocal health, the anatomy & physiology of the voice and provides students with techniques that teach how to use the voice in a complete, healthy and holistic way.

Tania is the perfect balance between professional and approachable which is what any student wants in their teacher. "



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