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Hi, I'm Tania.

I empower singers and speakers to communicate their truth with confidence, through specialised voice training, vocal health education and mindset coaching that's enjoyable and fun!

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Love your voice.
Transform your life.

Discover your vocal capabilities in a supportive, encouraging and friendly environment.


"I believe every single voice deserves to be heard. When our vocal delivery matches our intent, our voices have the power to make us effective and influential communicators and despite this, we often taken our voices for granted. We each possess an individual and unique voiceprint and this gift provides us with a form of expression that enhances our human connection.  Our voice is an extension of our personality and through the magic of speech and song, we can change lives. 


I create a safe and nurturing environment for singers and voice users to discover, explore and regain vocal function, giving you the ability to be heard with confidence. With over 20 years of experience, I deliver holistic coaching sessions and specialise in working with professional singers, business owners and occupational voice users. I use the latest voice science combined with the world renowned model Estill Voice Training, to deliver bespoke voice coaching tailored to you.


As a professional voice user (singer, coach + presenter), I know first hand the importance of maintaining optimum vocal health and hygiene and am experienced in coaching singers and voice users who are returning to work post vocal injury. I am passionate about helping voice users gain healthy vocal function, which is why I am currently undertaking a speech pathology degree to become a qualified voice therapist. With a special interest in vocal health and habilitation and in conjunction with world class voice care professionals such as speech pathologists, laryngologists and physiotherapist’s, I can support you on your road back to vocal health.


Using the Neurochange method, I can also work with you to unravel your voice and resolve the mental blockages and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, helping you achieve your vocal goals and accelerating your career. 

Get in touch today to start your journey to vocal empowerment. "


Jasmin Teurlings, Reporter & Producer for Channel 7

"I am a firm believer that anyone can learn to sing with the right guidance and perseverance. 


Tania was that teacher and more for me. I first started voice training in 2012. Over the next nine years she helped me land roles this “actor/dancer” never thought possible.  Her practical coaching also helped me land a television reporting job straight out of my journalism degree. Nowadays, I use those same vocal foundations in my career as a television reporter.

Never underestimate what your voice is capable of, especially after a session with Tania!"

I Work With


The Singing Voice

With over 20 + years of singing teaching experience, Tania has helped thousands of aspiring and professional singers of all ages navigate their singing, vocal health, performance and music business goals.

Book a Vocal Assessment and get started on improving your singing voice today.


The Spoken Voice

Elevate your career with spoken voice training, vocal health education and mindset coaching.


Are you a voice over artist, classroom teacher, actor, exercise instructor, celebrant, presenter or another profession where your voice is an essential component to your workday? 

Enhance your vocal delivery with 1:1 coaching or tailored educational  workshops and courses.



Eliminate negative thoughts and 

belief systems with Neurochange. This evidence-based education incorporates the very latest research from the mind sciences of neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy.


Transform your mindset and achieve your voice and communication goals.



Specialist Vocal Coach 

Specialist voice training, vocal health education and mindset coaching.

Tania's qualifications include:

Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) -  (currently studying)

Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (Performance)

Estill Master Trainer Candidate

Neurochange Practitioner ™ 

LSVT Loud Certified

Vocal Health First Aider

Vocology In Practice Authorised Instructor

Professional Roles:

Vocal Hub Enterprises - Founder & Director

Australian Voice Association - Board Member

Australian Dysphonia Network - Board of Directors

The Hospital Research Foundation Group (Parkinsons & Stroke) Shout Out Singing Group - Group Facilitator 

Get started today.

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