Vocal Health & Habituation

Improve your vocal efficiency, reduce the risk of vocal injury and get the most out of your voice.

Tania will work through your vocal health concerns in conjunction with a multidisciplinary team of voice care professionals including laryngologists, speech pathologists, and physiotherapists.


She is passionate about educating occupational voice users on preventative strategies to avoid vocal injury and maintain a healthy and efficient voice in the workplace, and is experienced in working with singers who have recently recovered from vocal injury and are returning to the stage.

Vocal health and habituation services include:

vocal health screening, voice care and vocal hygiene coaching, technique and exercises for vocal efficiency,

vocal wellness in the workplace five week course, vocal load management, vocal health check in's.

Vocal Coaching

Be courageous, discover the magic of your voice.


As an experienced performer and vocal educator with over 20 years of coaching experience, Tania understands the vulnerability required to show up and be heard and is known for her holistic approach to voice training.


As the founder and co-director of voice education company Vocal Hub Enterprises, Tania will help you achieve your vocal goals and assist you with discovering your unique vocal identity.

Coaching services include:

singing & spoken voice assessment, vocal health screening,  vocal technique, estill voice training, voice workshops & courses, vocal branding, performance mindset and stagecraft.

Creative Projects

Enjoy the positive impact of the performing arts.

Research shows that attendance to live music events contributes to lowered stress, increased positivity and can even increase life expectancy!

Tania prides herself on providing high quality live entertainment for South Australians. She has been involved in the arts industry for nearly 2 decades as a singer, performer, creative director and wedding music professional and enjoys using her creative talents to increase positivity and general well-being for audience members.


Her company TS Entertainment Co. is home to her popular vintage vocal trio Three Little Sisters & wedding music services L'amour Entertainment.



Join Tania as she explores her love of the human voice through her new blog.


Tania's covers topics such as vocal coaching and singing tips, vocal health and advocacy, performing arts industry chats, speech pathology student experiences and special guest interviews.

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What's On

Group Singing

Creative Voices

The health benefits of singing have been researched for many years. Singing in a group develops a sense of belonging and connection, enhances 

memory, relieves stress and promotes self-expression and confidence.


Held weekly Tania's  adult group singing sessions are for adult singers of all levels cover vocal anatomy and technique, vocal health and popular contemporary 

repertoire from the 40's through to current hits of today. Singers also work towards harmony singing and performing.

When: Wednesday evenings

Time: 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Where: Vocal Hub Creative.

When to join: Anytime!

Feel free to drop in.



An Andrews Sisters Christmas

TS Entertainment Co presents An Andrews Sisters Christmas! 

Celebrating the 150th year of the Edithburgh Jetty, this event will help raise money for the Clydesdale Memorial Statue.

Featuring Adelaide Fringe award winning vocal trio the Three Little Sisters with special guest "Bing Crosby" this Christmas event will be sure to leave you feeling festive.

When: Saturday 10th December

Location: The Edithburgh Institute, Edithburgh
Doors: 6:30pm
Show: 7:30pm
BYO Supper . Bar 
facilities available.

Tickets: $45 each.


Five Week Course

Vocal Wellness in the Workplace

Do you work as a singer, gym or dance instructor, actor, classroom teacher, university lecturer, barrister, newsreader, auctioneer, celebrant, voice over artist, emcee or any of the other endless roles where voice use is paramount to your success in the workplace? 

Tania combines her skills as an experienced performer and singer, specialist vocal coach of 20 years and future speech pathologist to help you combat vocal strain and fatigue in the workplace.

Course ticket includes:
- Access to five x 75 minute in person sessions with Tania a special guest presenter.
- Vocal Hub Education Voice Care Resource Folder
- Vocal Hub Education Vocal Exercises Card Pack
- 1 x 30 minute one on one follow up session with Vocal Hub Directors Tania or Katrina

Investment: $440 Early Bird (valid until September 30), $495 full price.

When: Wednesdays from 6:15pm - 7:30pm
Dates: Wed 19th October - 16th November
Where: Vocal Hub Creative, 192 Magill Road, Norwood SA



Wes Carr

Wes Carr.jpg
" Tania is an incredible supporter of music and art.

You really have to admire someone who is willing to dedicate their life into helping others find their voice and Tania does this with such grace. Her studio in Adelaide has helped so many artists find their true voice, providing an open platform for every singer and musician who is eager to create."

Recording Artist,
Original Australian Idol Winner

Jasmin Teurlings


"I’ve worked with Tania for the past 10 years. Her practical coaching helped me land a television reporting job straight out of my journalism degree. Never underestimate what your voice is capable of — especially after a session with Tania".

Reporter & Assistant Producer, Channel 7

Rachael Leahcar

" I’ve been to countless singing teachers and Tania is one of the best in the business. My voice is my life and I’d gladly entrust it with Tania. She has the knowledge, experience and explains things in a fun, easy way. After just one session, an issue I had for years was improving. I highly recommend Tania to anyone who wants to reach their highest potential in singing and vocal health."

Recording Artist

Emily Bettison


Tania is an incredibly supportive, knowledgeable (and fun!) teacher and mentor. She has such a deep understanding of the intricacies of the voice and how it works, plus has the ability to communicate these details in a variety of ways until it ‘makes sense’ to me.


During our sessions, Tania has taught me how to access qualities in my voice that I didn’t even know existed. (Wait, I can sing how high?!) This has been super valuable to me as a vocalist and producer, as I am learning how to write melodies and harmonies to best showcase my voice, and make the most of it.

Singer & Producer

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