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About Tania

With a passion for voice and the arts, Tania combines her diverse range of skill sets to offer unique coaching programmes, group singing opportunities and live entertainment for Adelaide voice lovers and beyond.


Want to know more about how Tania found her passion for voice and music?


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"Is Curiosity the Pathway to Finding Your Passion?" HERE.

With a wealth of coaching experience across 20 years, Tania combines her sound knowledge of voice science, vocal health, and the performing arts to offer practical solutions to common vocal issues through her company Vocal Hub Enterprises.


Tania has a passion for holistic voice training and commitment to continuous professional development – which is why she’s currently undertaking a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) at the University of South Australia, which will give her a qualification as a voice therapist. She is skilled in working through vocal health concerns, in conjunction with voice specialising laryngologists, speech pathologists and voice physiotherapists where necessary, and is experienced in working with voice users who have recently recovered from vocal injury.

Tania holds and Advanced Diploma of Music Industry and is an Estill Master Trainer Candidate from the world renowned voice model Estill Voice Training.  She is certified in LSVT Loud, the gold voice therapy approach for people living with Parkinsons Disease and is also the group facilitator for the Hospital Research Foundations Shout Out Singing Group. Tania is also a Vocal Health First Aider with Vocal Health Education UK.

She volunteers on the board of directors at the Australian Dysphonia Network and the Australian Voice Association and is a past committee member for the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing.  Tania is one of few authorised vocal instructors of Los Angeles based organisation Vocology In Practice and is a member of The Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare and a student member of Speech Pathology Australia.

Tania's extensive coaching experience includes working with clients of all ages in varied educational settings. She has coached as part of the vocal team for the University of Adelaide's Bachelor of Musical Theatre, taught vocals for music students at TAFESA, and worked with Adelaide youth theatre company Pelican Productions. She has also taught at countless high schools and primary schools

Of course, she has also done her fair share (maybe more) of performing – everything from cabaret and musical theatre to corporate events and as part of the Adelaide Fringe award-winning act The Three Little Sisters, which she also directs. She’s also the founder and director of Adelaide live entertainment company T&S Live   And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg…

Tania's qualifications and certifications include:

  • Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) - (current)

  • Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (Performance)

  • Estill® Master Trainer Candidate

  • Neuro Change Practitioner ™ - (current)

  • LSVT Loud® Certified

  • Vocology In Practice Authorised Instructor

  • Vocal Health First Aider

Current volunteer work & professional memberships:

  • Australian Dysphonia Network - Board of Directors

  • Australian Voice Association - Board Member

  • Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing - Committee Member

  • Laryngology Society of Australasia - Associate Member

  • Speech Pathology Australia - Student Member

  • Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare -  Member


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