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Mindset Coaching

The voice, body, mind connection is one that can not be taken for granted. The connection between our mindset, conscious and subconscious beliefs, and emotional regulation all play an important role in the ability to achieve our vocal goals.

Unlock your vocal potential with clear strategies using the latest neuroscience.

Is fear holding you back from finding your voice? Have you been struggling to find motivation to help you succeed?  Do you struggle to achieve your goals? 

As a  certified Neuro Change Practitioner™, Tania will help you set achievable and clear goals whilst unharnessing your creative vocal potential. Change your mindset,  rewire your brain and bring your vocal visions to life with the power of neuroscience.

1:1 Session Can Assist You With:

Finding your purpose, regulating internal emotions, removing subconscious fears, strategic goal setting, developing a growth mindset and more!

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