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Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Conversations of the vocal kind.

Free vocal coaching and singing tips, vocal health tips and advocacy, performing arts industry chats & speech pathology student experiences.

Hi I'm Tania! A South Australian, self-confessed vocal nerd. I am a vocal educator, singing teacher, singer, speech pathology student, company director, wife and mum.

Our voices have the power to make us effective communicators, providing us with this gift on a daily basis through speech and song. Our voice represents our unique self and is a part of our individual identity and personality. Your voice - like you, is one of a kind. The vocal mechanism exists primarily to keep us alive, with speaking and singing being a secondary function. It connects us to life and assists us with expressing our emotions, our distinctive message. I believe every person deserves to be heard.

As a vocal coach and future voice therapist, I aim create a safe and nurturing environment for all singers and voice users to discover, explore and regain vocal function giving you the ability to be heard with confidence. I pride myself on delivering a holistic coaching experience and have spent 20 years working with original artists, professional singers, cabaret/musical theatre performers and occupational voice users. I have a special interest in vocal health and habilitation and in conjunction with voice care health professionals, I support and coach singers and voice users who are recovering from vocal injury.

I look forward to sharing my vocal endeavours with a community of fellow voice enthusiasts. Join the Vocalize member area to stay updated with my latest posts on all things voice, singing and speech!

Warm Regards,


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