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Spoken and Corporate Voice

Discover your voice, transform your life.


Would you like to enhance your communication, inner-confidence, creativity, artistry or vocal message with authenticity? Through bespoke voice training & vocal wellness coaching, you can successfully unlock your vocal potential.


With twenty years of voice experience, Tania will help you achieve your vocal goals.

Using Estill Voice Training as a core foundational teaching model in conjunction with mindset coaching and the latest voice science and vocal health practices, Tania tailors her coaching sessions to best suit your personal goals.

" I believe every person deserves to be heard. By creating a safe and nurturing environment for all voice users, I help you to discover, explore and regain vocal function giving you the ability to be heard with confidence.  I pride myself on delivering a holistic coaching experience and work with occupational voice users (for example, teachers, radio announcers and celebrants) as well as business owners and corporates looking to improve their vocal delivery and presentation skills. 


As the founder and co-director of voice education company Vocal Hub Enterprises, I will help you achieve your vocal goals and assist you with discovering your unique vocal identity. I will work with you to unravel your voice and resolve the blockages that have been holding you back. 

Give your voice the love it deserves and discover the magic of your voice today with an initial consult. "

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Invest in your voice today.

Meet Tania to discuss your vocal goals and obtain a spoken voice assessment.

Initial 60 minute voice consult includes:

  • Client background and vocal aspirations.

  • Full voice/singing assessment to gauge areas of growth needed for you to succeed.

  • Interactive goal setting developed with you to start your vocal journey.

  • Your customised vocal coaching plan for your first five sessions written up and sent to you before your first coaching session.

Investment: $132 for initial consult

Ongoing sessions $110 per hour, $82.50 per 45 minutes.

Please note that due to demand, Tania's coaching timetable may be full and require you to join a waitlist.

Initial Consult

Voice Training


1:1 Voice Training

For teachers, speakers, business 

owners, auctioneers, vocal artists, actors, radio announcers, emcee's and more!


Increase your confidence as a voice user through voice training. As an experienced performer and vocal educator with over 20 years of coaching experience, Tania understands the vulnerability required to show up and be heard and is known for her holistic approach to voice training.

1:1 coaching services include:

spoken voice assessment, vocal health screening vocal wellness, finding your unique sound, tailoring your vocal delivery to your business brand, vocal technique, estill voice training.


Vocal Branding for Business Owners

Have you ever spoken to someone on the phone, only to meet them in person and be surprised that they were not who you imagined on the other end? Have you ever been asked if you are unwell when you feel fine, or asked to repeat yourself? Do you feel that your voice lacks presence or doesn't quite match the message you are trying to convey?

Your voice is your brand and you can take your business or organisation to the next level with corporate voice training. 

Tania combines her skills as an experienced performer and singer, specialist vocal coach of 20 years, future speech pathologist and business owner to help you find your unique and authentic voice so you can confidently  excel in the workplace.

1:1 Investment: $110 per hour

Groups or organisations:

Contact Tania for a quote.


Vocal Wellness For Occupational
 Voice Users

Do you work as a singer, gym or dance instructor, actor, classroom teacher, university lecturer, barrister, newsreader, auctioneer, celebrant, voice over artist, emcee or any of the other endless roles where voice use is paramount to your success in the workplace? 

Tania combines her skills as an experienced performer and singer, specialist vocal coach of 20 years and future speech pathologist to help you combat vocal strain and fatigue in the workplace.​

Learn the mechanics of the voice and the latest vocal techniques to enhance your vocal wellness for your job. Course also includes a vocal health screening.

Groups or organisations:

Contact Tania for a quote.


Voice Training for Classroom Teachers

Class room teachers have the highest rate of vocal injury than any other profession with physical education and early learning teachers having the highest rate of vocal injury. Despite this, voice care and vocal technique are not highlighted as priority training in school settings. 

Healthy voice use is essential to a classroom teachers employment. Losing the ability to vocalise effectively in the classroom can be debilitating and stressful and could cost classroom teachers income.


If you are teacher and would like to learn more about how to use your voice at work, then contact Tania.


1:1 Investment: $110 per hour

School professional

development session:

Contact Tania for a quote.


"I’ve worked with Tania for the past 10 years. Her practical coaching helped me land a television reporting job straight out of my journalism degree. Never underestimate what your voice is capable of !


Especially after a session with Tania".

Jasmin Teurlings, Reporter & Producer Channel 7

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