VOCAL HUB COLLECTIVE is located in the beautiful leafy suburb of Maylands, just five minutes east of the of the city and only a short walk from The Parade. VHC exists with the intention of connecting Adelaide singers, music teachers and musicians by providing modern and funky communal teaching and rehearsal spaces.


Tania's spacious studio space is located within her communal hub and includes modern faciliites such as an iMac with various software programmes for student use including Logic Pro X, Garageband, Audacity, Sing Pro, Sing & See, Estill Voiceprint and Sibelius 7. Her studio also has a range of musical equipment including a full size Roland stage piano, numerous live microphones including Shure and Sennheiser paired with a Yamaha PA System and a Roland Cube Amp. Recording facilities include a Rode NT1A, Rokitt 5 monitors and a two-channel interface. 


Tania's studio is also the home to her beloved Kawai upright grand piano and features full size mirrors for rehearsal and vocal technique practice.

The Studio