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Discover your voice. Transform your life.

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Would you like to enhance your communication, inner-confidence, creativity, artistry or vocal message?

Our voices have the power to make us effective communicators, providing us with this gift on a daily basis through speech and song.  Our voice represents our unique self and is a part of our individual identity and personality. Your voice - like you, is one of a kind. The vocal mechanism exists primarily to keep us alive, with speaking and singing being a secondary function. It connects us to life and assists us with expressing our emotions, our distinctive message. The voice is a complex instrument and one we often take for granted until faced with a situation where we are required to tap into the consciousness of this amazing part of our human body.


I believe every person deserves to be heard. I create a safe and nurturing environment for all singers and voice users to discover, explore and regain vocal function giving you the ability to be heard with confidence.  I pride myself on delivering a holistic coaching experience and specialise in working with original artists, professional singers, cabaret/musical theatre performers and occupational voice users (eg.  teachers, speakers and fitness instructors). With a personal interest in vocal health and habilitation and in conjunction with voice care health professionals, I will support you on your road back to vocal health. I have experience in coach singers users who are returning to the stage post vocal injury. 


I will work with you to unravel your voice and resolve the blockages that have been holding you back. 

Be courageous and discover the magic of your voice today with an initial consult.  

 Tania xx


About Tania

Qualifications & Certifications

Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) - current

Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (Performance)

Estill® Master Trainer Candidate​

LSVT LOUD® Certified

Vocology In Practice Authorised Instructor

Vocal Health First Aider


With a wealth of coaching experience spanning across 20 years, Tania creatively combines her sound knowledge of voice science, vocal health and the performing arts to offer practical solutions to common vocal issues. As the founder and co-director of Vocal Hub Enterprises, Tania is a vibrant and devoted vocal educator and mentor, and specialises in working with young adults and adult voice users with her clients describing her coaching attributes as professional, fun, knowledgeable, intuitive, encouraging and empathetic.

Vocal Health

With a passion for holistic voice training and care, Tania is committed to continuous professional development and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) at the University of South Australia, the process to becoming a qualified voice therapist.  Tania has a special interest in vocal health and habilitation for professional performers and is experienced in coaching singers and voice users who have recently recovered from vocal injury.  Tania's strength lies in working through vocal health concerns with her clients and works in conjunction with voice specialising laryngologists, speech pathologists and voice physiotherapists to support her clients using a multidisciplinary approach. Tania is also one of six board members of the Australian Dysphonia Network, a national charity organisation dedicated to supporting people whose lives are impacted by voice disorders.  She also holds her Vocal Health First Aider certification and is student certified in LSVT Loud ®., the gold standard voice therapy treatment for Parkinson's disease.

Estill Voice Training

Estill Voice Training ®. is a world renowned voice training model with a gold standard certification process. Tania is an Estill Master Trainer Candidate and is currently completing her Estill Master Trainer certification under mentor Naomi Eyers. She also holds a Certificate of Figure Proficiency. She greatly values the Estill Voice Training model which has complimented her own professional voice work for the past 15 years and is the underpinning of her teaching of vocal technique, voice function and vocal health. 

Visit the Estill Voice Training website to learn more about this world class voice training model.

Coaching Experience

Tania's extensive coaching experience includes working with clients of all ages in varied educational settings. Tania coached as a part of the vocal team at the University of Adelaide's Bachelor of Musical Theatre degree for three years as well as teaching vocals for tertiary music students at TAFE SA and working with Adelaide youth theatre company Pelican Productions for a number of years. Since 2002. she has taught at countless high schools and primary schools. Tania is experienced in providing voice workshops and courses in singing teaching, vocal technique and voice care and currently services voice users through her education arm 

Vocal Hub Education.


Affilations & Memberships​​

Tania is one of few authorised vocal instructors of Los Angeles based organisation Vocology In Practice; a global network of elite voice professionals and is also a member of the  The Australian Voice Association, The Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare and a student member of Speech Pathology Australia. Tania also volunteers as a committee member for the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing ( SA/NT branch).

Performance Experience

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Vocal Coaching Services

Get started

Initial Vocal Consult

Meet with Tania for an initial consult to set clear goals and share your vision for your future vocal coaching sessions. Sessions range from 45  - 75 minutes in length. Options include singing or spoken voice assessment and/or a vocal health screening.


Gain new tools

Vocal Technique

Estill Voice Training is a world-renowned model using voice  science to teach vocal function. Tania is an Estill Master Trainer Candidate and can help you discover your voice through functional exercises that have been proven to change the neural pathways, making voice use more effective and growing your vocal tool kit.


Unlock barriers


Do you feel you have mental blockages stopping you from getting the best out of your voice?


Tania's coaching incorporates holistic methods to help change your mindset and overcome negative self-talk, transforming you into the true vocal creative that you are.


Revitalise and regain

Vocal Health 

Are you worried about your vocal health? Maintain and regain optimum vocal health using the latest voice science.


In conjunction with voice care professionals, Tania will put you back on the road to vocal health.


Learn in a group

Workshops & Courses

Tania provides workshops for professional voice users including classroom teachers, singers & actors. Grow your

knowledge with online courses and workshops.

Tania Workshops & Courses include:

Vocal Anatomy for Singers & Voice users.

Foundations of Voice Teaching.

Vocal Health for Occupational Voice Users.

Straw Phonation for Singers.

Finding Your Vocal Brand (coming soon).


Plan and prepare



Are you preparing for a public performance, talk, audition, studio recording or perhaps you are writing new material? As an experienced performer, and creative director, Tania can offer feedback to help grow your project or vision and help your construct your performance.

Vocal Assessment

Initial Consult Options

Meet with Tania to discuss your vocal goals, obtain feedback on your voice and establish your coaching pathway.

Vocal Assessment

(Singing & Spoken Voice)

Tania draws on her twenty years of coaching experience to provide you with honest feedback as to where you are at vocally. During this 45 minute session, Tania will assess your singing /spoken voice and personal aspirations to recommend the most appropriate pathway to help you achieve your goals.

Vocal Health Screening

Are you worried about your voice? As a future speech pathologist and professional voice user, Tania's knows first hand how debilitating voice loss and limited vocal function can be. Tania's 45 minute screening includes standardised evaluations to help determine your vocal health pathway. With experience in working with singers and voice users who are recovering from vocal injury, Tania can provide you with recommendations for your current vocal health in conjunction with a close knit team vocal health professionals including laryngologists, speech pathologists and vocal physiotherapists. Tania's vocal health screening is essential for singers and voice users who would like to kickstart their journey back to vocal health.

Investment (inc GST)

Vocal Assessment (45 mins) - $88

Vocal Health Screening (45 mins) - $88

Vocal Assessment + Vocal Health Screening (75 mins) - $137.50

Ongoing Private Coaching  - $55 (30 mins), $82.50 (45 mins), $110 (60 mins)


To Book

Fill out the contact form.

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what they say.....

Frets Patrick

" Because Tania's methods are grounded in anatomy, her teaching is direct and to the point. She doesn't use vague terminology. At the end of each lesson I have a better understanding of how my voice works." 

Professional Musician

Christian Ruiz


I came across Tania while searching for a vocal coach in Adelaide whom was trained in the Estill Voice model. She had great testimonials and was experienced in the Estill model so I booked some sessions with her.


I am an artist/producer/songwriter so I was wanting to use proper technique with my singing to assist my artistry. It was also important to me that I gained a good knowledge of vocal technique so that I could coach other artists that I produce.


Working with Tania has dramatically increased my knowledge and artistry. I now have a toolkit that I can take from whenever I record a song to direct my artistry in the way that I think best suits the song on a case by case basis. Before this, there wouldn't be much thought going into how I was singing every phrase. Now I feel extremely confident in the vocals I produce as they are carefully and thoughtfully crafted using many different ways of singing. 

Original Artist

Alex DePorteous

" Tania's knowledge in every aspect of the voice and working as a musician has provided me with the skills and knowledge I need to turn my passion of performing into a career. "  

Cabaret Artist

Christian Andrew


" Thanks to Tania, I learnt about the  physiology and mechanics of the singing and now have a broad range of vocal qualities I can utilise within my music. "

Original Artist

Liam Halford


"I chose to participate in Tania's Five Week To Vocal Technique Course as it does not focus things like pitch like most others I researched do, but on providing you with an understanding about how your voice works in all of its aspects. Ultimately the course gave me a greater awareness of how I was using my voice from that I have been able to optimise it to ensure better vocal health for myself. "


Original Artist

Claudia Migliaccio


" Tania is an exceptional teacher, mentor and now friend. 

She has helped me improve my vocal quality and strength and I could not be more thankful. She has given me tips, exercises and advice I will use going forward."

Professional Singer

Sasha Simic


"I thought at 24 I was too late to start my career in music theatre. Tania proved me wrong beyond a doubt.


From the very first interaction I had with her, I immediately recognise her as someone who works hard not just for herself but for others as well. She's helped me develop fundamental skills that have helped me throughout my Bachelor of Music Theatre, which have travelled through to improving my other vocal skills in terms of pop and rock as well.


Being able to work with someone who understands you on a personal level really brings out the best atmosphere in a room and I wouldn't want to work with anyone else. "

Singer & Actor

Betty Samis

Betty Samis Headshot.jpg

" I've been working professionally as a singer for a while, and like many of us in the industry, sometimes we need coaching when we struggle with vocal problems. Tania was recommended to me through a friend and I felt so comfortable the moment I called to discuss my vocal concerns.


What I liked about Tania was her knowledge, support and passion she has for the voice. She listened to my concerns and with her guidance has put me back on track vocally. I need a teacher who has studied the voice and knows the mechanics behind it, because everybody is at a different skill level vocally. I particularly like that she can teach beginners through to advanced, and continues to update her knowledge through extra study which she passes onto her students.


I keep up with my lessons to make sure I don't fall back to old singing habits, learning and adopting new ways to keep my voice healthy. Most of all, her lessons are enjoyable, and that's what singing is all about."

Professional Singer

Kelly Brouhaha


" Tania is an absolute godsend for voice users. She's consulted on most of my clients and has dramatically improved their vocal health and performance, which is an absolute necessity for any musician trying to make it in the industry.

I've also worked with her one on one for my own vocals and would gladly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their vocal performance. Her knowledge of vocal anatomy and technique is second to none and she is incredibly easy to work with. "

Recording Artist

Morgan Bramble


"Tania helped shift my thinking when it came to growing my business and opened my eyes to things I had never even considered (such as which colours to use in my branding - life changing!). Her approach is extremely personalised and thorough and I walked away from our session feeling inspired, motivated and confident to develop my business."

Morgan Bramble

Vocal Coach & Founder of "Live In The Lounge Room"

Professional Singer & Music Teacher

Deborah Brennan


" Vocal tuition with Tania has completely changed the way I approach singing.


She doesn't just teach students about pitch and singing in tune. She conveys an enormous understanding of vocal health, the anatomy & physiology of the voice and provides students with techniques that teach how to use the voice in a complete, healthy and holistic way.

Tania is the perfect balance between professional and approachable which is what any student wants in their teacher. "

Cabaret Artist & Music Teacher

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