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Coaching Background 

With a wealth of teaching experience spanning over almost 20 years, Tania is a vibrant and devoted vocal educator specialising in working with young adults and adult singers. She has a particular interest in vocal health education for working musicians and performers with a passion for coaching singers who have recently recovered from vocal injury. She currently coaches from her private studio, Vocal Hub Enterprises, at Norwood. Tania is also a part of the vocal coaching team at the University of Adelaide's Bachelor of Musical Theatre degree. Annually, she also coaches for well known Adelaide youth theatre company, Pelican Productions. Previous coaching experience includes various musical institutions, high schools and primary schools as well as teaching vocals for contemporary music students at TAFE SA

Vocal Technique & Voice Care

With a passion for holistic voice care, Tania is committed to continuous professional development. Tania is an Estill Master Trainer Candidate and holds a Certificate of Figure Proficiency from Estill Voice Training. She is currently completing her EVT Certified Master Trainer qualification. She greatly values the Estill Voice Training model which has complimented her singing coaching for the past 12 years and also assists her clients in maintaining vocal health. One of Tania's strengths lies in recognising vocal health issues and devising suitable action plans for her clients to work towards remediation via her health professional contacts within the industry. Tania is also a Vocal Health First Aider with Vocal Health Education (UK) and is currently studying to gain her Vocal Health Practitioner Certification. Tania is also studying a Bachelor of Speech Pathology though Uni SA and will offer voice therapy upon completion of her degree.

The Studio

Tania is the proud founder and director of Vocal Hub Enterprises Pty Ltd. Tania's organisation exists to provide various platforms for aspiring and professional voice users to find their voice. Vocal Hub Enterprises consists of three separate arms including Vocal Hub KidsVocal Hub Creative, & Vocal Hub Education 

Professional Affiliations

Tania is one of few authorised vocal instructors of Los Angeles based organisation Vocology In Practice; a global network of elite voice professionals. and she is also a member of the Australian National Association of Teachers of SingingThe Australian Voice AssociationThe Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare and a student member of Speech Pathology Australia.


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Holistic vocal coaching and voice care for aspiring and professional voice users including singers, actors, performers & artists.


Vocal Assessment

Schedule your 30 minute assessment with Tania to chat about your vocal and musical goals. Get honest feedback as to where you are currently at with your voice. Tania will then recommend a plan of action for you moving forward so you can get started working on your vocal goals.

Session Include: 

Voice Assessment

Plan of action and goal setting

Referral (if applicable)

Investment: $55


Educational Workshops

Tania is the co-director and co-presenter  at Vocal Hub Education. Vocal Hub Education is dedicated to providing high quality voice programmes.  

Workshops Include:

Foundations of Voice Teaching

Five Weeks To Vocal Technique

Voice Care & Vocal Health for Professional Voice Users

Getting Started

Visit Vocal Hub Education for more information.

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In Studio Coaching

Need some help with your vocals in the recording studio? Tania can sit in on your recording session and give you advice to help your vocal performance in the studio. Increase your vocal endurance and get as better result on your tracks.

Session Include: 

On Location Service

Vocal Stamina & Health Tips

Vocal Technique & Coaching 


Vocal & Singing Coaching

All voice sessions are structured around voice science and Tania's firm belief in student centred learning. Sessions are tailored to each individuals goals regardless of where you may be in your musical journey. Tania's passion for vocal technique assists vocalist with reaching their full potential whilst also exploring your preferred genre of music. 


Sessions Can include:

Vocal technique

Anatomy and physiology

Aural training

Repertoire building

Exploring contemporary genres 

Aural training

Music theory

Sight reading

SACE  preparation

Audition preparation

AMEB exam preparation (Rockschool & Musical Theatre)

Please note that Tania's private coaching slots are limited and it may be necessary to join a waitlist. To get started, book a 30 minute Vocal Assessment with Tania to discuss your goals and aspirations for your sessions. Tania will then recommend a plan of action for you moving forward.

Session Rates: $99 per hour. 

 Sessions can be taken in 30, 45 or 60 minute increments.


Personal Branding for Creatives

Want to get gigs? Do you have a show or live music concept that you would like to launch? Are you a vocal coach planning on launching your private coaching business?


Tania is an award wining Adelaide Fringe artist and has had many years of experience with marketing her vocal studio, personal coaching and various live music acts.


Tania can provide you with direction about your new business idea in just a few short sessions.

Session can include:

Personal branding advice

Logo and concept design (outsourced from preferred suppliers)

Assistance with event promotion

Finding your niche

Adelaide Fringe advice and packages to get your show to stand out from the crowd.


The Studio

Tania's voice studio Vocal Hub Creative, is located within the unique and quirky double story teal heritage building at 192 Magill Road, Norwood.  Located just five minutes east of the Adelaide CDB and with bus access directly out the front,  her beautiful space has been fitted out with a warm and cosy waiting area with tea and coffee facilities available for clients. The voice studio (upstairs on the quiet first floor) is complete with a PA system, keyboard, computer, full length mirrors, bluetooth speaker as well as voice models and diagrams and access to a selection of sheet music and backing tracks. Enjoy being in Tania's stunning space complete with fresh air from the studio balcony.


Vocal Health & Habilitation 

Voice loss and limited vocal function can be debilitating. As a future speech pathologist and vocal health practitioner, Tania's vast knowledge in voice science coupled with her experience in working with singers with functional voice issues, assists her clients in maintaining optimum vocal health.


With a passion for vocal health for performers, Tania will help you gain the knowledge to sing and speak using healthy voicing techniques.


Tania's multi-disciplinary approach to voice care is supported by recommendations to a close knit team of world class related vocal health professionals, providing a true holistic experience, supporting you in your journey back to vocal health.

Session Include: 

Diagnostic tools for monitoring vocal health

Vocal habituation exercises

Structured plans for voice recovery

Vocal stamina & health tips

Vocal technique & coaching 


Performance Skills

Tania has had extensive experience performing in various settings such as cabaret shows, floorshows, corporate functions, weddings, festivals and more.

Session Include: 

Stagecraft Skills

Microphone Technique

Production Advice

Gig Advice 

Need live music for your next event? Check out Tania's services here.