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Courses & Workshops

Voice courses and workshops are available in person at Vocal Hub Creativeyour institution or online. 

Workshops can be customised to suit your organisations needs.


Your Voice and How it Works

This foundational two hour course is a must do for all singers and voice users. Take the mystery out of how your voice works!


Designed as a must do introductory course for your singing and voice training, to get you started with some anatomy and physiology of the voice, helping you to understand the fundamentals of your voice during the commencement of your voice training.

When: The first Monday of every month 

Time: 7:00pm ACST

Cost: $55 

Reserve your spot here


Straw Phonation for Singers

Tania explains the use of straws for the singing voice. Explore the influence breath has on our singing voice and leave this webinar with some practical application and vocal exercises to work on with your straw.

Some assumed knowledge of the vocal anatomy and function is presumed. To refresh your anatomy knowledge, we recommend you attend "Your Voice and How It Works" prior to undertaking this lecture.

Cost: $55


Practice Makes Permanent

Do you struggle to know what to practice after your voice session? Do you feel overwhelmed and are unsure where to start or what to focus on? Are you frustrated as you don't feel you are progressing and then think, what's the point?!


Discover the research behind why voice training actually works and why efficient vocal practice is essential to you achieving your vocal goals.


 Tania hosts this fun 2 hour webinar to explain the science behind vocal practice, explore how mindset has an impact on your vocal results and leave you with some practice tips to improve your voice.

Next Webinar: Monday 8th April

Time: 7:00pm ACST

Price: $55

Reserve your spot here


Vocal Must Know's for Voice Actors and Radio Announcers.

Are you a voice actor or radio announcer who would love to learn more about your amazing instrument?

Our 3 hour workshop covers:​

  • how your voice works

  • voice techniques to help you in the studio

  • how to interpret direction from your producer through the lens of Estill Voice Training

  • useful vocal warm-ups and cool downs

  • vocal health and hygiene 

  • what to do if you think you have an injury.

During the workshop you will receive and a handout with exercises, to help you implement techniques in during your studio sessions.

Contact us to host a workshop at your institution. POA

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Vocal Wellness for Educators

Does your voice feel tired at the end of the teaching week? Maybe there have even been times when you’ve lost your voice completely after a day of trying to be heard over noisy classes? Join Vocal Hub Enterprises Director Tania Savelli  to learn techniques to keep your voice healthy.

At this workshop you will explore:

  • factors that impact voice use

  • how your voice works

  • voice techniques specifically for teachers

  • signs and symptoms of voice disorders

  • what to do if you think you have an injury.

During the workshop you will receive a straw (and be shown how to use it for voice) and a handout with exercises, to help you implement techniques in your every day.

This workshop is suitable for all educators, including school teachers, early childhood educators, and university lecturers and tutors.

Contact Tania to host a workshop at your educational institution. POA


Voice Training for Business

Tania's brand new signature corporate voice training and vocal health workshop is coming soon!!!

Have you ever spoken to someone on the phone and been misconceived because of the sound of your voice? Have you ever been asked if you are unwell when you feel fine, or asked to repeat yourself? Do you feel that your voice lacks presence or doesn't quite match the message you are trying to convey?

Your voice is your brand and you can take your business or organisation to the next level with corporate voice training. 

Tania combines her skills as an experienced performer and singer, specialist vocal coach of 20 years, future speech pathologist and business owner to help you find your unique and authentic voice so you can confidently excel in the workplace.

Watch this space!


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