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1:1 Coaching

Private coaching sessions are available in person at Vocal Hub Creative or online. 

Please note that due to demand, Tania's coaching timetable may be full and require you to join a waitlist.

All private coaching rates are based on $110 AUD per hour and sessions can be taken in 30, 45 or 60 minute increments.

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Vocal Assessment

All private coaching clients are required to attend an initial consultation which includes a vocal assessment.

  • Client background and vocal aspirations.

  • Full singing/spoken and vocal health assessment to gauge areas of growth needed for you to succeed.

  • Interactive goal setting developed with you to start your vocal journey

Investment: $88 

Optional Extra: Your customised vocal coaching plan for your first five sessions written up and sent to you before your first coaching session. $55


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Vocal Health

Improve your vocal efficiency, reduce the risk of vocal injury and get the most out of your voice.

As a future voice therapist currently studying a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours), Tania will work  through your vocal health concerns  to help you feel vocally empowered.


She is highly skilled at perceptual assessment of the voice and is passionate about educating occupational voice users  on preventative strategies to avoid vocal injury and maintain a healthy and efficient voice in the workplace.  Tania is also experienced in working with singers who have recently recovered from vocal injury and are returning to the stage.


Working in conjunction with world class voice care professionals including laryngologists, speech pathologists, and physiotherapists, you can ensure your voice is in the the upmost care.

Sessions  include:

Vocal health screening, voice care and vocal hygiene coaching, technique and exercises for vocal efficiency, vocal load management plans, vocal health check in's.


Creative Projects

Book a session to chat to Tania about your creative performance or business idea.


 Tania's love for voice and the entertainment industry has been her both on stage and behind the scenes. Work with Tania to develop your performance project into a workable and successful show.


Sessions include: Crafting your performance, feedback on your current show, marketing plans, grant applications, getting gigs, building your music business and more.


Spoken Voice Training

Are you an educator, presenter, business 

owner, auctioneer, vocal artist, actor, radio announcer, celebrant or another occupation where voice use is a fundamental component of your occupation? Elevate your career with voice training.


Increase your confidence as a professional and occupational voice user through voice training. As an experienced performer and vocal educator with over 20 years of coaching experience, Tania understands the vulnerability required to show up and be heard and is known for her holistic approach to voice training.


Sessions include:

Spoken voice assessment, vocal health screening,  vocal hygiene practices, finding your unique sound, tailoring your vocal delivery to your business brand, vocal technique using Estill Voice Training.




Is fear holding you back from finding your voice? Have you been struggling to find motivation to help you succeed?  Do you need help to achieve your goals?  The voice, body, mind connection is one that can not be taken for granted. The connection between our mindset, conscious and subconscious beliefs, and emotional regulation all play an important role in the ability to achieve our vocal goals.

As a  certified Neuro Change Practitioner™, Tania will help you set achievable and clear goals whilst unharnessing your creative vocal potential. Change your mindset,  rewire your brain and bring your vocal visions to life with the power of neuroscience.

NeuroChange can help you with:

Finding your purpose, regulating internal emotions, removing subconscious fears, strategic goal setting, developing a growth mindset and more!


Singing Coaching

With over 20 years of singing teaching and performance experience, Tania is  equipped with the latest voice science and industry knowledge to help you excel as a performer.

Tania's singing teaching career has been vast. Having had experience teaching singers of all ages and levels and in various educational settings, Tania's enthusiasm, energy and love for music makes learning how to use your singing voice fun and engaging.

Tania has a passion for teaching contemporary popular music (CCM) and has extensive experience teaching various CCM styles as well as musical theatre. Tania has successfully coached singers in preparation for tertiary admission, professional entertainment contracts, performance and gig preparation, cabaret creations and more. 

Tania has taught across many different settings including various primary & high schools and in tertiary settings at the University of Adelaide for three years (musical theatre) and at TAFE SA (contemporary music) as well in private studio settings.

Sessions include:

Singing voice assessment,  vocal health and hygiene practices, vocal technique, estill voice training, music education, mentoring.


Performances and Auditions

Work on crafting your audition pieces or upcoming performances.

As an experienced performer and creator and with tertiary level singing teaching experience, Tania can help you prepare for upcoming tertiary music auditions as well as professional performance auditions.  Tania's singers have been successful obtaining entry to various tertiary music degrees and professional performance contracts.


Get some feedback, fine tune your performance and set yourself up for success.

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